Ateliers Torsades

Story about Ateliers Torsades by Roger Pradier.

After managing for many years the family company, leader in its sector of decorative outdoor lighting, Roger Pradier decided to puts its expertise in the service of lighting and furnishing.

Based on its strong expertise in the field of the cast aluminium of any kind, he herby proposes his new creations with l’ ” ATELIERS TORSADES “.


The worshop philosophy are first of all the artisanal way of production based on refinement, elegance, harmony and quality. He conceived a daring furniture and lighting apparel serie based on a totally new design, free from any trend or fashion, which significantly expresses this new conteporain concept which allies aluminium, wood, altuglas and marble.


The great finish quality as well as this totally new design allow you to offer a new collection of innovating products with a strong decorative feeling.

The choice of the shapes, material and colors place the Torsades collection in an exceptional design.

Design and manufacturing are genuinely French. The workshop is situated in Gambais, a small village on the border of the Rambouillet forest, near Paris.